The sock, the mitt, the tented pillow

There is no real way, short of religious conviction or keeping them caged, that anyone is can really avoid touching one’s pink parts.Gay, straight, poly bi, male or female, we all build-up a specific masturbatory technique over time with toys, everyday household objects or just our hands that serves us well from the first libidinous rumblings of sexual awareness to full adulthood. Using memory, a cache; of porn kept hidden under beds or on hard drives, with a favorite pillow tended below us or into a sock that has long since taken on the constituency of paper-mache, we all have at ourselves, sometimes to the exclusion of caring to have at or be with another.

Starting as early as childhood, we rub, vibrate, tickle and undulate ourselves up under or across because it generally feels good to do so. Whether the urge is encouraged or vilified, we still have the urge and we’re never fully satisfied even when we can fully satisfy ourselves later in life. There simply is not a lover alive who will be able to touch us in just the precise way, when we want it most, for a totally selfish ride to orgasm as we can give ourselves with self love.

It’s no wonder that the web, providing all manner of social interaction, business advancements and communication wonders that it does is really, first and foremost, a haven for masturbatory pursuits. As many people logging on to find a mate across an on-line dating portal are logging on to either find someone they can enjoy for as ever long it takes to masturbate to dirty chat or some image on cam. The very act of sitting in front of a P.C. screen and immersing oneself so deeply into the digital world that real life submerges is the ultimate mental masturbation, it’s no wonder we take to our mouse with one hand to complete the physical nature of this beat.

When our vibrators become our lovers, when we take to dating only to work up enough sexual steam to head home alone later, when we generally rather be by ourselves for whatever reason then with another person, we might be slipping too far into the realm of self-love. We might resent all the time and technique we built solo when there are obvious delights to build them with a partner. But masturbation is a addictive pursuit and made so much easier these days in how we react to the world, mostly alone and mostly on line.

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