Knock It Before You Try It

There really is no sexual act that engenders more derision, confusion and fear then anal sex. There are certainly concerns of pain over discomfort, embarrassment over arousal, but in some cases it is simply the idea of the act that spin some couples away from even attempting any anal stimulation.

Since it engages that naughty area of our body we defecate from, there is such a taboo involved with any kind of anal stimulation but because of imagined pain or horrific stories of terrible first-time rending, a novice’s ignorance over how to maintain good hygiene, so many people form an opinion about the act even before trying it.

With almost every other form of sexual play, men and women form opinions based on experience-knowing inherently that giving a blow-job to one guy will differ greatly when we put our lips on another guy’s dick, making-love to one woman will be unlike fucking another- with anal sex often times, many times in fact, conclusions are reached often before men or women get to try it.

For woman, it is simply the idea of a penis entering them back there that seems so scary. The assumed pain, the seeming planting of their most intimate of areas, the complete violence of the act and how many men indeed take to it because of its implied ownership of the ass in question in ways penis-vagina fucking does not, is what unnerves a good number of women.
For many men, considering any kind of insertion in their ass fosters questions of what exactly they want and why they might want it. Since homosexual male sex often concerns a good amount of anal intercourse, there are a whole population of straight men who fear they are unlocking some latent homosexual tendency if they allow, and further more enjoy, anything inserted into their ass.

Of course with a considerate caring lover all acts are simply arousing. Anal sex or play is just another way for couples to enjoy themselves and an erogenous zone that they might not often engage.
Still, we avoid, we fear, we admonish those who play and we often set-up a prejudice to the act even when we have, or will never, try it; even when, we do enjoy it and want more of it, even when we fear admitting to our lover how good anal sex has made us feel.

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