Two A Breast makes for Quite a Pear

The adult market is full of devotees of the female mammary of numerous sizes and shapes with a large number of hits to internet sites that focus on tits.

Fascination with a woman’s breasts has always been something many men both straight and gay find alluring. The shape, curve, color and texture of a woman’s flesh all capture the attention of any onlooker. Whether pert or slightly less than, perky and full or small, the sex appeal of a woman’s breasts cannot be understated.

One practical fetish involves tit fucking or the practice of pressing breasts together around a swollen erection while the woman gives oral pleasure to said cock. Precum from the penis, plus the saliva from a woman’s mouth help lubricate the shaft of the cock for ease in sliding between the breasts without burning friction. By extension, giving a woman a pearl necklace or ejaculating on her breast to give the appearance of a pearl necklace glistening on her skin is a common fantasy for many. The silky smooth feel of cum running down a woman’s skin arouses many.
Breasts come in all shapes and sizes. Many prefer the natural look but numerous women are unhappy with their breast size and opt for surgical enhancement.

The basic breakdown of erogenous zones for a woman’s breast-and similarly a man’s-is thus. Full of nerve endings, a woman’s breast remains sensitive, especially around the nipple and areole. During sexual stimulation blood flows to the engorged areas, swelling the nipples into hard points. The underside of the breast is especially receptive to physical stimuli. A light caress or fingernail stroke combined with the pop of a pair of lips around the nipple can bring a woman an entirely different type of orgasm. The female orgasm is reported to occur from simple breast stimulation, be it sucking, biting, caressing or more aggressive techniques alone. Combined with other forms of erotic stimulation, women can experience a great deal of pleasure

Breasts even have a special following in the pornography world. Dozens of directors make films dedicated just to breast play in the fetish world, be it using shibari to display a pair of tits bound in rope or showering said appendages with cum.

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