Too Old For Sex? Never!

The great American actress Bette Davis has been quoted as saying ‘getting old is not for sissies’, and a truer statement has probably never been made by anyone. For those of us who are getting older, we are seeing how age is affecting us sexually, and it can be kind of upsetting for most people.

Both genders are seeing changes in their bodies that are not really appreciated. We will try nearly anything to keep our youthful appearance for as long as possible. Women hate seeing their breasts begin to sag, and both genders hate watching their once tight, sexy asses begin to lose their shape. The smooth, glowing skin of youth begins to change and a lot more work is required to keep it radiant, soft, tight and attractive. Wrinkles begin to form and gray hairs begin to make an appearance. Probably one of the most upsetting things a person begins to notice is when their pubic hair starts to turn gray. That is something that nobody ever warns about, but it does happen. For guys, their chest and facial hair can also start to turn gray, and sometimes that will happen before the hair on their head turns gray. It simply makes one feel old to see gray hair anywhere, and nobody, regardless of gender, wants to see signs of aging around their genitalia. It’s bad enough that men begin to lose their sex drive and women begin to experience signs of vaginal dryness that was never a problem in their youth.

We all need to start to see ourselves in a positive light as we age. There are men out there who love and even prefer sagging breasts and mature bodies. There are women who prefer quality of sex over quantity and prefer an experienced man who can fuck her really well and totally satisfy her once over a man who can fuck several times a day and it takes several times to do the trick. With modern medicine, we are all still able to have an active sex life much later in life, and we should take advantage of that because sex makes people feel really good and gives them an upbeat, positive outlook on their day. We should never let aging stop us from having great sex.

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