OnLine Adult Academy To Premier

Bragging up-to-date articles, insights, even how-to instructions for models and film makers, the brand new The Adult Academy promises to be on the forefront of adult happenings reported exclusively on-line. Aimed at insiders of the porn industry, the new site will cover everything from camera equipment to new laws effecting the adult industry and the rabid fans who are its audience; unlike dating websites.

While the net has helped the business of adult entertainment it continues to blemish it as well with free downloading and file swapping that undercuts the businesses profit margin. It is a catch 22 to see something like TAA take hold, appearing as it does on the very medium that could be its downfall. But the mantra of the net has always been that the more information one has the better chance one has to do their business, find a date or masturbate; in regard to sex. It is a join-them-rather-then- beat-them mindset that has seen pornographers in bed, literally, with the Internet since its inception.

TAA is only another in a long line of sites built by business men and women to bolster the very business they are in. No different than any other money making capitalists, the men and women who make porn, either starring in it or running the companies see a strength-in-numbers approach to making known all they know about their business to as many people who want to know it. By creating a no nonsense adult atmosphere about a very adult business, pornography becomes less about dicks and pussies, cum shots and girls camming, as it does a legit business run by people who want to stay competitive in a highly commercialized field. Information is knowledge for all and there is no better place for the dissemination of knowledge then on the net.

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