X-Rated Anime

Anime people are slim, sexy, and androgynous. They lend themselves to a kind of sexiness that has even been a bit too much for some mainstream cartoon shows in the U.S. With some anime that is considered normal in Japan seen as a little too racy for U.S. kids, it isn’t surprising that there is a booming industry of X-rated anime made very especially for adults.

Most X-rated anime women have that same slim cartoon build, but they might have ridiculously big tits to go with that tiny waist. In fact physical exaggeration is not unusual in porn anime. Guys sport gargantuan cocks sometimes, and it always seems like the women have extremely tight pussy syndrome whenever the screw. One irony about Japanese porn anime is that they often show all kinds of outrageous things like extreme bondage and even defecation, but they are not allowed to show penetration. Anytime a penis enters an orifice, it is politely pixilated.

Themes of bondage and domination are fairly common, as those anime girls in schoolgirl uniforms get tied up and spanked. They sometimes wind up at the beck and call of many men, taking their cum in gang bang or bukkake scenes. Lesbians are not uncommon among the features, and there are often a few scenes in your average anime porn of a female cartoon tongue on cartoon pussy.

Anime people may suck and fuck with wild abandon, but it is also not uncommon to have a theme of intrigue and violence in an erotic anime meets horror feature, aside from any pleasurable BDSM. There might be a cruel overlord who punishes those who have too much fun. Something unique to this genre is tentacle rape, where fictional monsters with long octopus-like arms find their way into unsuspecting and unwelcoming girls. Such scenes would be considered disturbing by many, but for every sexual visual, there is an audience.

X-rated anime tends to have a storyline. Not unlike mainstream anime that is so popular among teens and other comic book fans, there are heroes and villains and quests on which to go. Beautiful toons take on the everyday or supernatural worlds. Along the way, they take on each other’s big cartoon tits, slim asses, enormous cocks, and shaved pussies.

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