What Lurks Behind Geekdom

Some people are fond of telling folks to beware of making fun of geeks when you are young, because that dorky kid with the glasses is likely to be your boss one day. That clever advice, perhaps, could be extended for the adult set: It could be that the same dorky kid could also one day be your sex counselor.

Stereotypes about sexuality are always exaggerations on some level. It is doubtful that all Italians are the greatest lovers just as it is probably not the case that all black men have big dicks. It would stand to reason, then, that all geeks aren’t having wildly more phenomenal sex than would ever seem to stand to reason, but again, stereotypes do originate somewhere. Geeks tend to have a flair for the unusual, pay attention in great detail, and are not afraid of being different; and not just in what they want in porn Therein are the seeds of a good time when applied to sex.

The places where geeks gather to celebrate common interests; from computers to Star Trek to the Society for Creative Anachronism; can wind up being places for hot hook-ups and play parties. A kind of sexual culture fluidity has evolved at some festivals, allowing for the true acceptance of a greater proportion of gay, bisexual, and other parts of queer culture to flourish. Cos play, though many times not an official theme of a gathering, gets quite a bit of attention. After all, if someone already has a geeky interest in maintaining and wearing an as authentic as possible costume modeled after a favorite character, it is not a big leap to want to see what it would feel like to have a wild fuckfest in and out of those clothes. Leather, silk, feathers, burlesque, sci-fi, animal costumes for furries and friends; the possibilities are endless. It simply depends on which geek world one chooses to enter.

Geeks in the sexually permissive world will likely want to know about every aspect of sex and kink. They will be patient lovers, learn good oral skills, will be comfortable with sex toys and props of all kinds, and will take care of safety as a matter of course. Those who dare adventure beyond the awkwardness may discover whole new worlds.

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