The Erotic eBook Revolution

The shift in the publishing industry from print to electronic books has an unexpected benefit for readers of erotic literature and pornography. Not only can the buyer shop online anonymously for their porn these days, the books can be downloaded to an e reader without anyone else knowing about it.

Ebooks are less expensive to produce than hardcovers and paperbacks, which mean savings for the customer. Most ebooks can be purchased for less than half the price they would cost if they were printed on paper. This also means it is possible to purchase more books, try out new titles or authors. Many ebook publishers also offer memberships and free downloads of short stories or samples from popular books. This gives the reader a chance to try out a new story and see if the action is appealing.

As it is with online dating, the Internet makes people’s intimate lives easier to facilitate. What we want, from prurient images to deep naughty literature is ours for the having with a modicum of expense and time.

The best part, however, is that the books are all in one place. An ebook can be carried without notice, since it is downloaded onto an e reader or computer. Bringing a dirty book on a plane, for example, is not as noticeable, when it is being shown on an e reader…unless the person in the next seat is leaning all the way over, it is impossible to see what is on the screen! Unlike a paperback, the pornography can be easily hidden with just a flip of a switch or a tap of a key.
Further, the market for erotic novels, sex stories and anthologies has grown tremendously in the ebook trade. There are thousands of titles to fill any interest. One publisher of erotic fiction categorizes the ebooks by some common themes, such as lesbian, gay, or heterosexual sex. Yet there are also variations on this and many more stories and novels that feature polysexual adventurers and scenarios

Hardcore porn is also available as ebook downloads, and can be searched for on the web by the type of sexual activity to be found in the book. Looking for ebooks with themes of BDSM, for example, will find hundreds of books ready to be downloaded to an e reader at a moment’s notice.

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