In the City

Parties advertised on any number of online niche fetish sites direct the hip to the modern day kinky big city gatherings asmuch as word of mouth does. Anyone looking to exercise a fetish is basically always looking to do so whenever and wherever they can, and a city space welcomes an opportunity to meet a large swatch of the population and possibly see one play with people they have yet to, nor might ever again. Sure, admission to a city kink play space might be a little higher than if one were to attend a suburban get-together in someone’’s house, still, anyone seeking some unusual sexual fun will find plenty in the big bad city.

The crowd at a public kink gathering in a big city can be off-putting to even the most seasoned kinky people. The mass of people who might descend on a fetish club in a metropolitan area will range in age and ethnicity, expertise and sophistication. Some will come to be seen, others to watch, still others to demonstrate, and yet others to play ever more intensely than they did the time they came before, with more variety than could ever be imagined at a suburban house party. Not better, certainly not specifically more welcoming – probably less in fact – the crowd at a kink space in a city will tend to be bigger in number and present more variety… of good or bad.

Given its locale, often times a city play space has to hide its location or intent. Some spaces move party to party, from loft, to studio, to warehouse. These days with the Internet being so popular for all our social needs, details of parties are plastered on fetish sites so no one will be left out of where to find a floating party.

Still other play spaces are in everyday nightclubs and lounges, closed for private kink gatherings once or twice a month.

Other subcultures have co-opted the kink style – such as Goth and Emo – but the true fetish-minded person can still find brothers and sisters of leather, PVC and BDSM in any place with a large cross-section of people. And while some clubs might not be so out-in-the-open as they once were, and still others have closed due to tough economic times, for people who want to wield a whip or feel some candle wax trickle across their pussy,there’s always a way to find it in the city.

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