The Male Fetish

It is generally accepted by therapists and psychiatrist alike that heterosexual men are the biggest group to report fetishes. Males flex a lot of  sexual muscle over what they see, so it is assumed men truly can fetishize objects or activities better than women because they have more of a need to objectify. Surely women respond to visual stimuli, but hetero men are consistently accused of admiring body parts, even to the exclusion of the woman they belong to.

If a fetish causes significant psychosocial problems – which is a subjective judgment at best – and bleeds detrimentally into a person’s life, it can be diagnosed in psychological terms as a paraphilia. But for a man who likes to lick ladies shoes, or has even some sort of sexual attraction to 50’s lingerie, his life is usually a quiet one, only known to his partner.

Most likely, at some point during a man’s sexual awaking, or possibly even before, he experienced a sexual stimulus, or at least a sensual one with an object, and the two were inexplicably linked, and …thus a fetish was born. It’s no wonder that most hetero guys fetishize objects of femininity like the classic high-heel shoe, as hetero men begin to experience triggers of what turns them on very early in life, even before they experience full erections. Homosexual men, more often then not, gravitate to objects that are highly masculine, as would be expected.

Different then Partialism, the arousal from a particular body part – the obsession with tits or ass, for example – fetishists feel a sexual attraction to a object, a totem that they place center-stage in the sexual play unfolding nightly in their minds. An audience of an understanding lover can indulge the man enough so he is satiated in his sexual needs and can attend his lover accordingly, or there are plenty of paid or free porn sites to explore one’s fetish. Either way, we shouldn’t be damned for what we want sexually, as long as we seek consensual attention and can function in enough of our lives so we don’t become a burden on anyone else.

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