Getting Off on Getting Off

To give is to receive, in most instances, but it is only the evolved adult who feels this with sex. We discover all types of things we engage our libidos, but what should become abundantly clear as we grow past the point of teenage erections and wet panties during sleep-over’s, is how much pleasure we can achieve just by providing our lovers pleasure. Our hands, tongue, style, all of what we have and what we can give is wrapped up in how we approach sex and how much we want to give. Empathy aids bedroom play, increases a sexual release in both partners, and reveals how much we care about our partner the more we want to please them. There really is no better sexual approach.

In kink games, especially power exchanges in the S&M world, it is quite often that both dom and sub experience almost the same level of arousal because they are so deeply linked with what each other is feeling; as the lash lands the retort is felt and heard as much by the one whose flanks received the hit but also by the one wielding the whip.

In vanilla sexual encounters, simple fucking or bring a partner to orgasm in any of a bunch of different ways, it is the moaning, the surrender, the way in which our lover’s body quakes when we do to them what we do that will arouse us if we can see past our own ego and truly care for another person’’s pleasure. Some call it love when we can show this much empathy, others simply think it makes them a good lover, either way, the benefits to both partners cannot be measured. To truly get-off to our lover getting off, even if there is some ego involved, shows the sign of a truly mature sex partner.

There is nothing wrong with masturbation. There is nothing wrong even with making an evening all about one person’’s pleasure, if both partners agree on the scenario. There is nothing wrong with one type of act arousing one person while off-putting to another. What makes sex good is when partners find a common ground of caring and respect more than they do any one specific act.

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