A lot of people have accustomed themselves to thinking that chemistry between couples must be flaming and passionately hot all the time. This is a fallacy and can easily end up disappointing someone when they do not always find it. Just finding someone with whom you share chemistry with in the first place can be very difficult.  It does not always happen overnight. For some it can take weeks or months or even years.

When it happens, you might only have chemistry in one department. It may be that you only have a great sex life together and are just fuck buddies with no desire for anything more. In whatever way your relationship takes form, when it is with someone that has chemistry with you it will be a wonderful experience. You just have to realize that that chemistry can be and always will be different for everyone. There are some who find that they got along consistently with a person, but it does not strike them as being some sort of crazy sparking romance. This is not a bad thing, in fact the peace that comes from this can be invaluable and something that others will wish they had. You must also realize that even with the best of couples, there will be times when the sex is not always so great. Nothing is going to be perfect all the time without fail. But when you have that chemistry with someone, getting laid will be a pleasure always even when it isn’t the best. Just being with that person will be nearly an orgasm in and of itself. Sometimes you may just decide to fool around a little and jack each other off, or watch a little porn together, and possibly not even bring each other to orgasm. It may just be a fun experience to fool around a little.

The point is that the two of you have decided on the condition of the relationship and you do not settle for anything but the most fun and rewarding time with each other. You do not sweat small things and you find joy in virtually everything you do together. This is where the magic happens and you find that you are living the great life you have always wanted and imagined for yourself.

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