Gothic Sluts

All art scenes or cultural movements go through different phases, especially if a wave of a certain type of style rushes though a big city. Sometimes the underground gets popular and looses its cred and allure; often times, a particular fashion gets co-opted into another, and the two create something new. In the case of the fetish world, Goth culture, with all its black leather and dark connotations, gets so close to kink that the two become almost inseparable.

Goth is more ruled by clothes and music than anything else. A good amount of what Goth is – the black make-up, pale skin of its boys and girls, the droning music played in a minor key, the corsetry, big boots and leather – is informed by bands who play Goth music as much as the people who perpetuate the style. Seeing that some of these people who were already into fetish or knew enough of kink culture not to be scared by it, it is no wonder the chic vampire set could be seen inhabiting a club with a rack and a whipping station as much as any vanilla downtown bar.

Conversely, the kink crowd did not seek out the Goths, but they did not turn them away either. There were infinitely more people to play with when the Goths came aboard, and any dungeon master welcomes anyone paying an entrance fee to his fetish club no matter who they are. Pro doms got to sidle up to pale feminine Goth boys looking for the ultimate leather-clad demon, and all those pasty big busted white suburban sub girls who dreamed of mythic lanky vampires flocked in droves to the one place – other than their own dreams or goth porn – where they could find a man carrying a riding crop.

A match made in heaven, or hell, depending on your  perspective; no one really challenged those who came to kink through Goth, Goth through kink, those who skirt both worlds, or those who are truly just curious to have a night out and experience a little of both. Music, intent and culture be damned, the link between kink/fetish and Goth is strong and staying.

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