Feminism & Kink

Feminism was once seen as unsexy and lacking in everything from fashion sense to humor. Women, in their quest to reach for societal equality with men, were not permitted many of the things that once gave them pleasure. One major misinterpretation that came out of the first wave of feminism was that women couldn’t be sexy. If a woman was too sexy, she was in danger of giving in to a male-dominated society that wanted to cast her only in that role. To the contrary, women have every right to choose boldly to be sexual, to decide how much sex they want, what kind of sex is a turn-on, and with whom they wish to do it.

Before all women began to realize again that is was ok to look how they want to look, it was the femme-identified straight women and the lipstick lesbians that defied the bra-burning stereotype. For kinky women, it took groups like the Lesbian Sex Mafia to introduce the idea that women could play with pain and power dynamics in the BDSM world without becoming one with the enemy.
It is understandable how at first some feminist women were freaked out by the realization they had a desire to be spanked, tied up, or otherwise treated in a less than respectable manner. The lessons were so drummed into their heads, and for good reason, that women had been systematically kept from shining by a culture that valued men’¬ís contributions more. Whether the domination was coming from a man or another woman, to get into this kind of kinky play was a harsh reminder or the difficult reality that in many circles it was forbidden.
Turning the tables on a man and becoming a Femme Dom was part of the solution for those inclined that way. Many men do crave having a woman take control, so reversing the traditional roles helped many people enjoy themselves sexually while working out part of our society that needed balancing. Finally, people must realize that sexual desires are complex. What we like is what we like. If any behavior among adults is entered into freely and with the good intentions of fun, love, healing, growth, and good health, it has got to be ok.

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