The Big O

Orgasm for men and women has been held in vastly different regard across time and culture. The Big O has been put through some interesting analysis and received its fair share of derision as well as championing. In some cultural contexts, orgasm has been seen as a cure-all, in others, it remains problematic. It is amazing that any experience so all-compelling and pleasurable could be seen as anything less than wonderful. The sexual attitudes of the time and toward the individuals involved makes all the difference.

To start off with the most egregious assault on the body and its sexual nature, female genital mutilation (FGM) is a practice still carried out today in many African nations, and is still seen by some as the way one truly becomes a woman. Unfortunately, this procedure often involves a complete clitorectomy. With the clit gone, a woman’s ability to derive pleasure and orgasm from the sexual experience is profoundly diminished. This procedure may be seen as healthy and necessary particularly by some older woman, but it is, in reality, one of the most tragic and barbaric apractices in history.

In the previous century in Europe and the U.S., women’’s emotions were seen as suspect (not that that has changed entirely). Women diagnosed with “hysteria” were sent to the doctor where he would apply what is essentially a large hand-held vibrator to her vulva. The woman would achieve an orgasm, and miraculously her hysteria would subside. Imagine having to make a doctor’s appointment every time you needed to cum?

For some who practice Chinese medicine, releasing too much of the body’s fluids causes weakness and is suspect in decreasing health. In order to prevent this, men try to avoid frequent ejaculation. Techniques exist for the separation of orgasm from ejaculation. If that technique is mastered, the feeling of orgasm can be experienced freely without the offending release of fluid.
By contrast, many current American doctors feel that orgasm and fluid release is good for a man. In this philosophy, more cumming leads to healthier sperm, a decrease in prostate cancer, and general peace of mind.

Masturbation advocate Betty Dodson teaches the importance of learning self-pleasure. To her, taking control of one’’s sexual pleasure is positive and empowering. Whether delayed or immediate, orgasm is among the ultimate physical pleasures in the world. So – whip out the porn and start cumming – it’s good for you!

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