A Quick One

Having a quickie can be a great way to get rid of stress and give yourself a really great break during your day. There isn’t any reason why you should only have one either. Having several a day can really put you in a great mood. You might be surprised at all the benefits you can get from having a few quick porn-style fucks during your day. It can keep your morale up high and it can help you maintain your good health. You don’t have to worry about sexing your partner up for it either. Just get in there and get yourself a fast orgasm and move on. It can really be refreshing. Sometimes it can be a stressful time just trying to get a partner in the mood, but if your partner already happens to be in the mood, it’s awesome. You don’t have to worry about pace or timing or anything except getting your rocks off. You will find yourself with a really strong and vibrant attitude for the rest of the day and your productivity at work will really improve. People will wonder what you did for your pick me up. It’s usually best when you’ve really gotten you and your partner feeling hot and bothered well before hand and you have both had time to let the feeling simmer. Then you get that moment of privacy and the passion will blow up.

You don’t even always have to just have sex either, you can just get a quick cock sucking or pussy licking! You might even just decide to masturbate each other and just get each other off that way. It is really limited only by your creativity and desire to please. Just keep a positive attitude and a ready desire to get dirty with your partner, and as soon the opportunity comes along, jump on it. It can really be a fun surprise!

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