A Person of Action

Sometimes the bravest action you can take is to take no action at all. What this means for you and the relationships you involve yourself in means that sometimes you must let your partner take care of something even if you want badly to handle it for them. A person can only grow when they survive challenges and they cannot grow if someone handles things for them. There will be other times when it is very important that you take action. The important thing and the key to victory in this is that you take personal and full responsibility for your own happiness. You decide how to feel about any given situation regardless of what someone does. If you have a partner that cheats on you for instance, fucking someone else, you are in charge of how you respond to that. Just because you deal with it rationally and reasonably does not mean you are any less affected by it, it just means you have chosen to act and respond differently. You are not allowing anything to control how you feel. With regard to anything else that may occur in the relationship when you take responsibility for yourself, you discover that entire worlds open up to you. You will discover a level of happiness and joy that you thought existed only in books or movies or porn fantasies because things are so perfect and so great. To be sure that even in the best of relationships there are hardships and challenges but again, you have the power to deal with them as you choose. You will discover that your sex will be right out of a fantasy and you will discover a power of orgasms that are out of this world. This all occurs because you step up to the plate and you makeevents and people and things respond to you rather than sitting about waiting for things to happen to you. You do not wait for happiness and then complain that it never comes. You are the person who goes out and finds it and seizes it for themselves. If you possess this attitude and you are single and looking you will not remain that way for long. When word gets out you will have that happiness banging down your door.

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