Using Phones for Flirting Instead of Computers

With the increasing use of texting and on-line messaging, there’s a tendency to forget how sexy listening to a voice on the phone can be. The tendency to sit in front of a computer to chat – or simply watch free porn – is tempting, especially with the number of relationships that now start on line. Flirting and using emoticons for added emphasis is common. Then there is a desire to take the flirting to the next level. It’s a good idea to get off-line for a while and see what it’s like to connect in other ways.
Phone chat is more mobile than computer chatting. Unlike a computer, talking on the phone makes the conversation more intimate. Think of it like being in the same room, whispering into a girlfriend’’s ear. The erotic tingle of a boyfriend’’s voice can arouse her better than words on a screen.

The freedom to get away from a computer and onto a couch or bed to talk dirty, to tease or flirt with just a voice or a whisper is very erotic. Listening to a sexy voice while lying in bed can lead to some hot phone sex. It can be much sexier and more comfortable than jacking off at the computer.
Just get comfortable and off the computer. Sit on the couch, or lay down in bed, with the sound of your boyfriend’’s voice. Lights on or lights off, whatever works best. Take time to describe what’s happening. If unbuttoning a shirt or lifting a skirt, share the information, so the lover on the other end of the phone can imagine what you look like.
Share fantasies while talking on the phone. It can be a great time to talk about future plans, or fantasy scenes. And the use of sex toys can add to the fun. If he’’s talking about licking and pinching nipples, lick fingers to get the nipples wet, and then put tit clamps on them. Let a dildo fill in for his cock when the conversation turns to fucking. Don’’t be afraid to get noisy while talking on the phone during sex. Use a little lube when jacking off and listening to her voice on the phone as she moans. Then lay back after orgasm, and listen to each other breathe.

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