Smarts last longer than looks. When dating one might want to aim for both, but someone with a sense of style, smarts and their own mind is what’s attractive in the long run.
It’s always better to get involved with someone who has a greater sense of intelligence than to get with someone who is just great looking. Looks fade or our interest in them fades the more we are exposed to them. Certainly a handsome face will carry a man far in life, a rather amazing pair of tits might turn many a man or woman’’s head to the woman who has those tits, but after a time, even the highest cheekbones or the cutest little ass will become tiresome.
Better that one can rely on conversation and their partner’s wit in the long haul.
Only the vainest of us want a vapid trophy to display on our arm at public functions or to gaze at in bed. If one is not challenged by one’’s partner, friends, lovers, then one won’’t have so many great relationships that last. This is why a lot of people choose nowadays to conduct on-line relationships, preferring the imposed interplay of mind, to typing fingers, to a persona created over cyberspace, never sullied by meeting a real live person in person!

It really is wildly sexual to be turned-on by someone’’s mind as well a their body parts. Sometimes one will inform the other, where we meet a guy or girl we aren’t initially attracted to, the better we get to know them, the more we marvel and enjoy the way their brains work, sometimes we don’t even notice their looks or the fact that we didn’t notice them and we are locked in an attraction so much more powerful and deep because we are touched on an intellectual level.
We are animals after all. We do respond to visual stimuli, the way another person smells, the way their smile and yes, all these fantastic little bits and pieces of our individual bodies; an upturned ankle or lip, the high rise of a man’’s buttocks, the downy crevices of a woman’’s pussy. But if we can marry the initial attractive we carry or see beyond it to be tickled by the warmth of a person’’s outlook on life or their knowledge of it, our relationships are bound to grow deeper.

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