Girly Bedrooms are a Turn-Off

It’s always a good idea to create an environment that is conducive to sex and romance. For women, that does not mean making everything pink and covering it in marabou feathers.  Such decor is actually a huge turnoff for guys who are looking for comfort and romance in a much more masculine way. The last thing a woman should want is to create a bedroom space in which men will be afraid to move for fear of breaking something. Men need to feel comfortable and cozy. They need to feel like they can kick their shoes off and put their feet up on the comforter. If the room looks or feels too fragile or museum-like, most guys aren’t going to feel like acting out your porn fantasy with you.

How does a lady create a space that makes her happy but doesn’t make men cringe? Try rich or bold colors, and use the pastels and pinks as accent colors to accessorize the bedroom. For example, white cottage style furniture can be pretty girly, but when mixed with a navy blue rug, curtains and comforter cover, it ends up looking and feeling clean and crisp. The accessories like throw pillows could be done in white Battenburg lace or pale blue to add a feminine touch without making the room overbearingly girly. Remove the throw pillows to a safe place, and it’s a room that a man can fuck in without feeling awkward and uncomfortable. Get the highest thread count sheets that are affordable. Really great cotton sheets get more and more soft and comfortable with each washing. While fleece sheets may seem like a great idea, they tend to get pilled and scratchy after many washings so they actually get less comfy as time goes on. Good cotton sheets will also last for ages. Lots of pillows on the bed give an inviting look, but not if the pillows are lacy, frilly decorative pillows. Men never know what to do with those kinds of pillows. The only thing they do know is if they mess up the girly pillows, they’re going to get an earful. Buy extra pillow cases that match the sheets and put four or six full size comfy pillows on the bed. To a man, that looks inviting without being life threatening.

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