Be Original

If you want to really make a great impression when you are dating, try something original and creative. You are sure to make a great impression and definitely improve your chances of getting a second one, and even getting  a good fuck too! Everyone knows the old standard of meeting and having dinner and then maybe dancing or amovie but there are a million other ways you can really make an impression that lasts. Just like in good porn, you need to try something different – those old story lines are boring. What about  a different time of day? How about meeting for breakfast and going out horseback riding? How about meeting for lunch and then out to the shooting range. Shooting, although it might sound odd, can really be a lot of fun, and its very helpful in teaching someone a valuable skill. Maybe you could just go paintball shooting? You might be amazed at how much fun you could have shooting it up with a bunch of paint and getting messy! This could really put some pizzazz in things. You never know until you try and even someone who isn’t sure they would enjoy it might discover themselves having a blast! You will definitely catch their eye with your uniqueness and creativity in coming up with ideas like that! Maybe you could try something a little less active, like just going to a beautiful art gallery, or a museum. Check to see if there are any interesting speakers about a topic of interest to you and/or your date. The key is to open and establish good communication skills and find out things about your date that they are interested in, things they might want to try and never have before. Maybe something as simple as the zoo. Just talk to that person and get an idea of something you could do for them that would really excite them and surprise them in a positive way.

A single guy or girl might get turned on quite quickly on a good date, and give you a blow job or fuck before  you know it. Be sure and tell your date to prepare themselves for something special, but don’t give away the secret. If you’’re going paint balling for instance, be sure to tell them to wear something they don’t mind getting a little messy, or tell them to bring a spare set of clothes. Those little extras can also make a lot of points.

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