Using Extra Time for Spontaneous Sex

What about a quickie?
An unexpected twenty minutes of free time can be used to reconnect with your sexual partner. Rather than sit in front of the television, take her by the hand and go to the bedroom. Don’t put up with an excuse, this is the time to remind each other that love is what makes the relationship. Kiss him on the back of the neck and whisper a hint to meet in the bedroom. It only takes a minute to add romance in a relationship.


Once there, don’t waste time. Remember the pleasure of intimacy, and keep it a part of even small moments. Touch and kiss. Focus on one small body part. Use the unexpected free time to caress an earlobe, or her tits. Just staying on one area can be erotic, and arouse a lover while keeping a sense of fun – the fun from taking a moment out of an otherwise boring day and making a porn fantasy come true.


The unexpected free time is a joy for busy people. For a loving couple, a chance to use free time for a sexual encounter is unexpected and the results are a great reward. After taking the time to enjoy a sexual quickie, a chance to reconnect when it hadn’t been planned is wonderful. There is, of course, the sincere joy in having connected, having great sex, and remembering the pleasure of falling in love. Also, a quickie is, by its nature, spontaneous. A loving couple has the chance to remember when such spontaneous sex was more common. Those days change over time as lovers become more comfortable with each other, and other day to day activities start to take priority. When jobs and children and paying bills start to take too much of the day, sex keeps getting pushed to the back burner. Making plans to have a weekend away, or an all-adult vacation is a good way to keep the romance alive. It’’s important not to just put sex into those weekends, but keep the sex alive in the day to day. A quickie is just the way to do it.


A quickie doesn’t require planning, just use the time available, and make the choice to go with romance instead of wasting the time doing other things.

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