The Web Party

If it can be done, why not do it online? With ease and anonymity singles are hanging out in chat-rooms or other social networking sites, congregating for longer and longer periods of time, forgoing the usual in person meet for online single’s interactions. No one seems to mind and if anything, more and more people are meeting across their P.C.’s then have ever met before.

It is natural progression of the modern on-line dating world, where men and women of each subsequent generation conduct not only their business but social interactions by meeting-up in chartrooms, where years ago it would have been boardrooms or coffee houses, chat across Skype when they would have met face to face, and date by meeting in chat-rooms or on-line get-togethers, where once two people might have met at a party. Nowadays the party is not so much happening on-line, the party is being on-line in and of itself! Even when people do meet occasionally for rave or a in person date it will be more than likely prompted by an on line invite or a series of emails and chat-rooms meets.

It certainly is easier on one’’s love life to keep to the tight confines of cyberspace. One never gets rejected and one will get-off every time with one’s own hand! One can relax, watch
free porn,  dress as they want, even be whomever they wish. Feedback to a social group is immediate, gaming can happen in real time with players around the world. And all manner of specific fetish or interest can be explored to an infinite degree when one stays on line.

Critics claim human interaction is lessening because of our on-line world, but it might simply be true that human interaction is evolving to the point where face-to-face interaction is needed less then digital touching, teasing, flirting and hang-ing out. As cell phone conversations gave way to texting so now does dating someone, sharing a meal or cup of coffee morph into meeting on-line for a chat. And though everyone fears it will be so and inroads are already being made to it, sex encounters will soon be related to the Internet as well.

God knows they will happen with much more speed and success if they do!

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