Preparing for Sex Talk

One never does know the tone that someone likes to take when they talk dirty. For those with an oral fixation, it can be wonderful to find someone who gives good phone. Texting and sexting may be popular, but it is unlikely that the sensual experience of actually hearing someone else on the other end of a horny conversation will go away entirely.

Knowing to expect a porn-like phone call may be almost as daunting as going on a date. What will he say? Will she be into the same basic stuff? Will it seem boring just sitting on the other end of the line playing with myself? Eventually, the phone call will come, and the curiosities will be answered.
Some people who want to have a hot phone call and masturbate mostly want to do heavy breathing and to hear the phone friend’ breathing in return. If the sound of the breath and the up and down motion of a hand on a stiff cock with wet lube is enough, then so be it. Otherwise, one or both of you may want to talk about what you want to do to each other. Each of you may also want to ask and find out about what the other is wearing and doing right then and there.
Whole fantasies, elaborate scenarios, and deep admissions can issue forth during a sexy phone call. Very much like being-on line chatting, all manner of secrets might be revealed when two people are on the phone, not having to face one another, not having to watch each other stroke, undulate and buck wildly. Prompted by only one another’’s words and what we create for one another in our mind’s eyes, the connection people can make during a good session of phone sex can be just as hot as any made in person.
Anything said during phone sex could be cliché, or totally hot. There is no filter and a couple can either make the conversation and opening to what they might say or do in person, or specific play, like spanking, only to ever be addressed over the phone. And with our portable possibilities these days, people can have phone sex almost anywhere they wish, even in bed with one another!

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