Keeping Space

It can often happen that when you get into a new relationship with a person you are really excited about that you want to spend all your time with them. This seems great at first but can quickly grow tiresome and even cause resentment. This resentment can easily sneak in under a person’s proverbial radar such that they may not even realize it at first. They simply notice they are growing unhappy and surly with that person’’s presence. It can be a frightening thing to be single and looking and it is perfectly natural that two people might want to spend a lot of time together and for a small dose this can be wonderful. They just have to realize that they must break that before it becomes a harmful habit.

Whether you are just fuck buddies with someone or committed partners, couples must learn to tend to their own lives, and learn to have lives apart from one another. This is extremely healthy and will allow an even greaterintimacy; two people can continue to bring interesting, other things to the table because they go out to seek and experience other things without one another. Naturally after some time apart, partners are even excited to be with each other again and even the sex can be greater than before. You might notice yourself having more orgasms that are really satisfying. You might notice yourself having more active sexual porn fantasies about your partner than you did before. It is all because you are doing things and acting in a very healthy manner and are keeping a great perspective about the relationship. You are allowing yourself as well as your partner the personal space that is desperately needed in order to keep things fresh and alive between you.

You will notice that the chemistry between you seems to grow and grow. Sometimes you will see yourself feeling comfortable and knowing that there is a deep and abiding intimacy between you and your partner. This is laying the groundwork for a deeper and more satisfying level of intimacy between you and all the way around you will be happier. This is better than a quick time of being inseparable and then resentment and even becoming enemies.

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