Sex Without Seeing

If you are looking for a great new way to really put some spice and spark back into your sex life, then try blindfolding. Imagine if you were blind and how it might be to not be able to see your lover. It’s usually all about watching – watching porn – watching your lover’s body, but closing your eyes is also important. All you would have to go on is your sense of touch, imagine if your lover was blind and imagine how it would feel to have them touching you softly and passionately as if their very fingers were absorbing every detail of your body, slowly and surely. This could be a wonderful way to get to know your lover all over again and a way for them to do the same with you.

You might be amazed to discover just how powerful that could be when you can’t rely on your sight anymore. It can really heighten your other senses and make the experience a lot more profound. It could make every touch and every sound and smell more vivid and alive and you might discover your  orgasms to be a lot more powerful. Just a little change like that could make a big difference in the wider scheme of things. You never know what it might be like until you try. And once you experience what that is like you might also discover that your fucking will never be the same and in a very positive way. Imagine getting your cock sucked or pussy licked without watching, just feeling the sexual touch of your loverÂ… touching them sightless in return.

These are just a few ideas you can arm yourself with as tools to use in making positive changes. You can take charge of your sex life and your happiness and you don’t have to allow things to be stagnant. You don’t have to allow problems and difficulties to be larger than they really have to be. You can be the one who takes charge and shows your mate the way to real happiness. Most of the time all you have to do to make big changes happen is to make small adjustments just like tuning in a radio station. You don’t turn the dial a great deal do you? You make small adjustments to get just the right reception. That is the same way with making love and the same way with finding happiness in those situations.

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