Customized Escort Services

Fetish escort services are quite an interesting venture. They specialize in customizing the evening to your needs whether that is forced feminization, pegging, figging, foot worship, or even roman showers. Yes, if you are intovomit play, there is an escort service that will cater to your needs. They offer more than just a chance to have your cock sucked or your porn fantasy come true. They will give you more for your money than the average person ever imagined possible. Of course, there has to be boundaries and they are usually dependent on what the individual escorts can or is willing to perform.

When it comes to roman showers, if she is going to make the customer vomit, then she has to have to have big hands so her fingers can fit down the customer’s throat. Of course some people who engage in roman showers like to have dinner first. After all, if you’re going to vomit, you might want to put something in your stomach to chuck back up. Some call it spew sex and it is commonly performed after ingesting wine or some other alcoholic beverage. But the hardcore players like to choose foods based on specific colors or textures. Beets and tomato juice come back with an appetizing pallor for those who like to recycle and ingest it all over again. Some people like to have the escort force them to vomit and then they like being forced to clean it up all while they are naked. So, if you need a date for Friday night, never fear, your kinky escort is here.

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