A Snowy Evening

While most people are content to stay cuddled up in a warm bed under blankets on snowy nights, some brave souls want to be out where the action is. This isn’t so much about storm chasers or mountain adventurers, but those who do find most of their fun in the erotic realm, with a snowy twist. For this brand of adventurer, a cold plunge right after a hot interlude is a ticket to unique fun.

Many people believe in the health benefits of a steam room, sauna, nude hot tub bathing or a Native American sweat lodge. As you sweat, you release toxins that impede health and healing on a number of levels. By keeping all systems flushed of such toxins, our true physical capacities and spiritual radiance can shine through. Some believe that once the pores are opened and flushed clean, it is a good idea to close them back up quickly by applying cold. Some will jump from a hot tub into a cold water plunge, braving any case of the blue balls that may result. If you  find yourself in a back-to-nature home-constructed sweat lodge, a roll in the snow is often the way to go.
Of course, anything can be given an erotic bent, which is why some people like to porn up the cold plunge concept. Imagine gathering a mattress or futon, blankets, pillows, and all else you may need for a good fuckingin front of a roaring fire. The heat is already turned up, and then a hot sex session begins. Perhaps it’’ll be some emotional thrusting and rolling around in the blankets, simultaneous orgasms, and I love you’s while staring into each others’ eyes. Maybe it’s a deep-dick fucking doggie-style, jamming cock and pussy for all they’’re worth. However, once the deed is complete, the couple can run out into the snowy back yard with yelps of shock and afterglow…, hopefully not loud enough to alert the neighbors (unless exhibitionism is part of the turn-on.)  It only takes half a minute or so for the chill effect to achieve the fun, dare-factor end of the sex act as well as any health benefits it may have to impart. Playing with hot and cold is just another aspect of expansive eroticism.

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