A Little Manscaping Helps

Men have been enjoying shaved pussies for a long time now, and women are starting to jump on the bandwagon – and demand their men have clean shaven pubic hair as well. It’s time to manscape, men.

Men who aren’’t doing a little bit of weed whacking these days are really behind the times. A lot of men are cleaning things up a bit down there, and women are really starting to enjoy it. After years of wondering why men like it when women have shaved pussies, women are finally getting the opportunity to see how great it is to enjoy clean shaven genitals on their sex partner. It is really enjoyable. It seems very clean, smooth and sanitary, and even though that’s just an illusion, may people agree that it looks fabulous.

So many of us have gotten used to seeing neatly trimmed or shaved pubic hair, that it seems like kind of a shock when we see someone who is sporting a bush. Even though it was something that was the norm not too long ago, a lack of manscaping can be a pretty big turn off to people these days. It really takes away from the beauty of the hard cock standing proud.  Most guys would probably get more frequent blow jobs just from doing a little styling of the area.

Removing pubic and body hair isn’t exactly a new thing. In various cultures throughout history, people have been required to remove all their bodily hair. In modern times, men at first balked at the idea of removing all of their bodily hair and even all of their genital hair. It started getting popular in porn flicks and then slowly but surely filtered over to the mainstream. The introduction and growing popularity of the metrosexual male throughout the late 1990’s inspired men to be more interested in their looks and hygiene, which included, for many, removal of body hair that was deemed unattractive.

So what are the best tools for this project? While scissors can be used, it’s not advisable. Electric trimmers are perfect for a uniform length of closely trimmed hair. For total removal, a new razor and plenty of shaving cream is the best idea. Soak in a warm tub, take a warm shower, or put a warm wet towel over the area for a few minutes before starting to soften the hair. Hair removal creams and waxing should be avoided, as the skin of the penis and scrotum can be very sensitive and creams and waxing can often be too harsh.

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