Mixed Company Kink Party

Many people with kinkiness on their minds keep that part of their lives away from those that theythink are vanilla. That could mean holding separate holiday parties and summer picnics. There is always the play party where people get naked and the one where no one would dream of such a thing. No one is suggesting you invite your old Aunt Fanny to the hot tub porn party, but it might be surprising who can mingle with whom. It’s a challenge at first to push boundaries that seem impossible to cross, but it’s worth a try.
The first thing to decide when creating a mixed company party is what you’d like to accomplish. Will this be a party to intermingle life long swingers with lifelong monogamous couples who may be curious and ready to play? Will it be a sexy theme party like Underwear & Lingerie so really straight couples can have a few drinks and feel racy and cutting edge? Maybe it is a demonstration party that will include some BDSM players who will show the basics of flogging and spanking for those who have never tried it. Another fun idea is the fuckerware party. That is an often all-female affair where a sex toy saleswoman shows her stuff. Everyone has a giggly good time and experienced and less-experienced women get to take home catalogs and order fun things in the privacy of their own homes. The guest list for each of these choices will vary quite a bit. Choose the friends who you know would love the theme, then step out and tell another, then another.

Of course, make sure you are mindful of the safety of yourself and your family. If you have a real sense that it may be dangerous to invite a certain neighbor to something too kinky, follow that instinct. However, you may be pleasantly surprised at how many people always wished they could have the opportunity to learn more about something, but never had the opportunity to do so. You may find that the parties with the smallest number of newbies will be the open sex parties. But even your straight neighbor up the street might be amused at your hosting a dress-up event, even if he’’d never attend.

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