A Bucket Full of Cum

The art of bukkake, or the showering a receiver with sperm or other substances from one, several or many other individuals is a fairly rare fetish these days yet has maintained a status in the porn community. It is usually a sperm shower and, therefore, those on the giving end are often male. The term can also be used to describe variants such as lesbian bukkake.

With a history dating back to the 1980’s in Japanese pornography, bukkake is rich with variation just as any other fetish is. During the 1980’s, the Japanese were looking to push the boundaries in porn. Due to the censorship of genitalia in Japanese porn, the camera tended to focus more on the facial expressions of the girls. Producers were unable to show penetration so they kept searching for ways to push the boundaries and found that multiple cum shots around a single female actress could excite their audiences.

The practice spread from Japan to America and Europe. The economic advantage here was that studios only needed to pay one actress and amateur male actors could be given lower pay rates.

Bukkake parties are popular among amateurs, swingers and other fetishists. The practice requires a few things aside from the obvious. Several horny males who should not have any sexual contact, including masturbation for at least forty-eight hours before the party are required. A willing woman obviously, and for trust’s sake, some sort of rules put in place with people that she can count on to enforce them. Drop clothes, bleach, light fruits and crackers will help replace stamina, ease in cleanup and keep the party rolling until everyone has had their fill. Girls may end up with as many as twenty, thirty or fifty loads of semen on their bodies, faces or elsewhere. The event can be just as satisfying for single women as it is for single men.

All parties should be tested for STDs and be clean, showered and well rested.

There are various styles of bukkake as well. The traditional Japanese method involves men lining up in single file, each being jacked off or orally pleased by the woman until he ejaculates and the next one is ready to take his place. Another popular method involves the circle jerk, where a group of men sit in a circle masturbating with the woman’s help and give her their load.

Despite the fact that this practice remains gender equal, it still receives flack for its apparent subjugation of females, but like every other sexual practice it has its champions
in the form of many internet fetish sites.

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