Sexual Attraction and Memories

It’’s funny how our bodies respond when we’re attracted to someone. Once we feel a pretty strong sexual attraction, it doesn’t seem to go away. Sometimes the slightest thing can set us off again, like hearing the person’s voice or seeing a photo of them. If the two people have acted on the attraction and had great sex, it makes it even worse because hearing their voice or seeing their face will make the mind recall all the hot fucking and wonderful things that have already been experienced, and that will make the body experience even stronger desire.

Even running into a former spouse or partner can trigger sometimes unwanted feelings of sexual desire. We found them attractive at one time so it’s normal that we would continue to find them attractive after the romantic relationship is over. We may not actually want to be intimate with them again after a breakup, but it’s not always easy telling our bodies that. The chemistry that was there when we got involved sometimes remains.

Sometimes though, the breakup can be so bad that something changes inside of us and suddenly we no longer find the person even remotely attractive and there truly is no chemistry. Even then though, there can be times when we have a dirty dream or some uncontrolled fantasy and some sexual memory of that person might pop into our minds for a moment, some hot memory from the past that could still be a turn on. That isn’t any indication of us still being attracted to the person. Those really hot sexual encounters with that person are no less hot because of a breakup, especially if they were significant in some way like it was a long time fantasy that was acted out or a fear that was overcome or a rather important first time for something.

No matter why people might have broken up, it’s often difficult to disengage the sex feelings that we once felt for that person. Sexual desire can often be a very strong force. Sometimes it can take us by surprise because we think that we’ve already turned that page and moved on when it suddenly comes roaring back. The best thing to do when that happens is to take a moment to remember why the breakup happened, and just masturbate.

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