Cute Names For Dangerous Activities

The terms creampie and barebacking seem to be getting tossed around quite a bit lately, and it’s a little bit disconcerting for people who try to encourage safe sex practices among their peers.

Creampie and barebacking are both sex acts that involve people intentionally having sex without a condom. Barebacking just refers to the act of fucking, but creampie includes the act of having an orgasm inside the other person and having the semen seep out causing a creamy appearance to whichever orifice was being used. Either is extremely dangerous in this world of sometimes permanent and sometimes deadly sexually transmitted diseases. It seems a little frightening that these practices seem to be having a surge in popularity lately. There are even orgies and gangbangs being advertised by people, and they are advertising them as barebacking parties or creampie parties.

Sure, unprotected sex is sexy and enjoyable, but in this day and age it is also extremely dangerous. It seems extremely irresponsible for people to be ignoring that.

People above a certain age (40-ish probably) can vividly remember the AIDS epidemic and may even have lost some friends during that time. We all started using condoms outside of monogamous relationships, and some even used them within a monogamous relationship after hearing stories about a married person infecting their spouse because they cheated. This really put a lot of fear into people, and their personal relationships changed because of it. IT’s disconcerting though to see advertisements on some sex hookup sites and BDSM sites where people are advertising that their female submissive or partner is available for bareback and creampie parties. Luckily for some of us, we’re often able to watch that even and easily decide who we’re not going to be willing to date anytime soon!

Most people probably dislike using condoms and wouldn’t if it wasn’t necessary, but they realize that in order to stay alive and healthy, it really is a necessary evil.

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