Why Geeks Do it Better

Say the word geek and people get a certain image in their heads: It’s the skinny guy with a pocket protector and coke-bottle glasses. He is only interested in books and never gets a date.  He just sits at home alone in front of his computer surfing for free porn.

The chosen look of a self-proclaimed geek may be unconventional. A geek might also be damned good-looking. It may be the unconventionality associated with geek culture that causes the dateless assumption to be flat out wrong. There are lots of geeks that are getting laid. A lot. In fact, this phenomenon has spurred on the modern-day slogan Geeks Do it Better.

Now, why would geeks do it better? For one, conventional people are good at following directions. When a regular guy learns how to have sex, he might well stick to the rules ad infinitum. He might simply follow the prescribed check list, of kissing, feeling a woman’s parts, waiting the requite time until he assumes she is wet then eventually hope the woman will let him have sex with her.

If he sticks to that pattern, he could spend a lifetime of making women very bored.On the other hand, geeks may have been reading science fiction that talks about groups of people who live together in pods and have sex together. They may think it would be cool to do it to the sounds of loud music mixed with poetry, they may want to explore the dungeon aspect of the D&D world they play in every Friday night with fellow geeky friends. When a person throws out the numbers in the paint-by-number kit, all kinds of weird and wonderful visions may emerge.

One of the hallmarks of geek-dom is being a geek of something. There are music geeks and the well-known science geeks. There are yoga geeks. If a person gets deeply interested in sexuality, then they’’re a sex geek. Sex geeks are the ones creating some of the most wonderful gatherings of sexy people in the U.S. and abroad today. Any conference on bisexuality, BDSM, furries, or crossdressing is probably run by a group of fun-loving, deeply educated kinky sex geeks. And among conference geeks, it is a well-known fact that if you want to meet people for some of the best sex parties around, go to a Renaissance Faire or a Star Trek convention! That is where you’ll find some serious geek play in action.

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