It’’s Fun To Be A Cougar

A cougar is a woman, generally over the age of 35, who enjoys the company of men significantly younger than she is – usually ten years or more younger than she is.

The women are often successful business women who are looking for some arm candy to spend time with. Women are finally turning the tables on the older man / younger woman scenario that has been so accepted and so popular for a long time.

Women have money and freedom now, and they’re realizing that it can be a lot of fun to spend some of that time and money on a young stud with a strong sex drive and rock hard abs.

Men can’t really complain about this, since they’ve been doing the same thing for years now!

The cougar phenomenon has become so popular that there are dating websites  and porn devoted to cougars. There are also party circuits all over the U.S. devoted to setting up a variety of cougar parties, some just for mingling and fun and others specifically designed to create some matchmaking opportunities. There are hot cougar contests, speed dating events and even cougar getaways. There are bars in major metropolitan areas that are known to be hot as cougar bars, and are heavily frequented by gorgeous young men (referred to as cubs) and sexy, elegant women 35 and over.

There are some benefits to the cougar and cub scenario, and the benefits are to both parties. The guy gets a sexually experienced, ripe older woman with who is right around her sexual peak. She’s also often well-travelled, well-read and successful, and can introduce him to people and events that he’d never be able to meet on his own. She can often provide career guidance and mentoring, as well as teach him a lot of etiquette about social situations, how to dress, how to travel and what he needs to know to have a successful and prosperous life. The lady gets a young man who is physically fit and in his fucking prime. She also gets a breath of fresh air – a younger, hipper outlook, boundless energy, a lot of partying and is kept abreast of current trends. They can really compliment each other in a lot of ways because of the age difference.

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