Erotic Power Exchange

Erotic power exchange has long been a facet of sex, mostly in the kinky community but with mainstream novels and television it has begun to make its way into more conventional arenas like free porn.

The practice of sexual submission between couples involves negotiation of what will take place, where, how and when. Trust must be established between partners for this to be a successful sexual act in which both parties wish to repeat. The act can go as far as the imagination allows or as limited as both parties agree upon.

For many, erotic power exchange involves more of a twenty four seven lifestyle commitment. Sometimes the results of such an agreement aren’t always visible. For example, a collared woman in such a relationship may display a necklace that’s sacred to her relationship, yet looks normal to everyone else. To those observant people in the know, her secret sexuality is transmitted yet kept quiet.

For men, giving up control to a woman is an often desired erotic fantasy as it allows the man in the relationship to give up control that society pushes on him. For women, it gives them power over their partners to make decisions. The responsibility is heavy but exciting. Deciding when and where, how and why to have sex can become a fun new game that takes the staleness out of an old, established relationship.

Typical male fantasies involving erotic power exchange follow along standard erotic role play. Someone comes up with an idea, the other party agrees and they discuss at length how things would work. A perfect example might be the traditional naughty secretary and perverted boss scenario. Or the more taboo priest and nun fetish that’s highly popular among those with religious fetishes.

The finer points of erotic power exchange are that trust needs to be established and firmly in place before power is granted to another, otherwise dire consequences could occur. Even in vanilla fucking there is some sort of component of power be taken and given. Both parties should know each other well, be aware of trigger issues that may spark undesirable results such as freak outs. The person in control should also understand how to handle such situations as he or she is now in charge of more than just their own life. Numerous books on the subject of BDSM, kinky sex and power exchange cover these topics well but nothing beats life experience.

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