Knowing Your Libido

There are a lot of people that don’t really realize that their sex drive changes over time and due to different circumstances. They develop a blind spot on the subject as if they are afraid of something and if they don’t talk about it, it might go away or not exist. These are the people that perhaps have attached themselves too much to an idea and less the reality of it, not realizing that change comes to all of us all the time and in all ways.

Many men and women fantasize themselves everyday, attached to the idea that they are somehow wild and crazy people who are like porn stars and can literally fuck for hours on end. They are petrified at the idea of their drive changing on them. They are frightened of the idea that it might change or become less or somehow they will have something take from them. They don’t realize that no one fucks for hours and hours without a break and no one would really want to for that matter. Sooner or later you are going to chafe, get thirsty, want to stretch, take a breather.

This is reality and it doesn’t make you something less of a lover. In fact, if you are bringing a great sense of humor, making your partner happy and sharing the best orgasms you have ever had. You will be rated a top lover when you know how to give your partner a wonderful time full of intimacy, laughs, and all around good feeling, not because you are some stupid sex machine with unrealistic expectations of things.

If we didn’t change we’’d be pretty uninteresting beings. Sometimes a guy or girl shifts through phases and when they realize that this is a perfectly natural state, and it will affect their libido, they tend to be less alarmed. But we are so stuck at being who we know ourselves to be, all the time, that any deviation upsets us, which in turn makes us deviate more and we chase or tails wanting things to go back to normal, for our hard-ons to be as hard and our pussies to be as wet, that when they are not, we run aground and forget or become frustrated with our sex lives over all.

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