Keep the Neighbors Innocent

Many people who are nudists, swingers, or people engaging in unusual sex activity often wish that the whole world understood them. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Even though by all accounts there is plenty of interesting action going on in the suburbs and the sticks, there are also people who might be pretty upset to see a merry band of male-to-female crossdressers arriving at your holiday picnic!

There is not necessarily a point in hiding entirely, but one should stay as private as possible. What is important is to be such a good neighbor that there can be no reasonable complaints. Allow neighbors to get a flavor for who you are, and answer what you will as they ask questions. Here are a few tips to keep the major inquisition from coming your way.

If you are a nudist or host naturist events, you will want to take steps to keep nudity from the plain view of your neighbors. Even though you may be in your own yard, most local ordinances don’t allow for you to be visible. In fact, some communities even complain about women in bikinis on the front lawn. To keep your neighbors happy or simply disinterested, designate a nudity zone in your yard.

You can simply use some clothesline to tie off the area and then drape it with sheets or decorative tapestries. People may wonder, but they will rarely ask. If you live in a heavily wooded area, you may get away with not shielding off your entire yard. If you live in a populated area and do this all the time, you may invest in high fencing. The rule of thumb is that if people have to really try to see into the area, they are the Peeping Tom, and you are not the exhibitionist.

For an indoor event or if your daily mode of dress or behavior is unusual for community standards, the same attention to drapery applies. If you are having people over, especially for a BDSM party or orgy, provide good parking or make sure people park sensibly on your street. You don’t want any reason for the police to stop in for a visit.

Follow these common sense rules and your neighbors will have never have a reason to complain.

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