Writing an Erotic Short Story

In many a literature class, professors tell students to write what they know. It is best to start with the simple things that students actually experience in their neighborhoods, in their family lives, and among their friends rather than trying to imagine completely foreign cultures and alien planets.

Once a young writer gets a grip on concrete images and a natural confidence in the written word, then imagined worlds will be more powerful and believable. Similar principles can be applied to writing erotic stories.

Someone new to writing sex stories should first think about a favorite sexual experience. Was it the first orgasm when a young boy was shocked that a strange fluid shot out of his penis? Was it when a woman was a brazen young girl who pressed herself up against a foreign visitor in her town and had a quickie in the back room in a dance hall? Maybe the story should attempt to capture the deep sense of intuition and knowing that happens between the writer and her lover of twelve years. Whichever the choice, something close to the heart and emotionally and erotically relevant to the writer are key characteristics for subject matter.

Once the basic part of the porn story, or at least the premise is decided, the piece can start to take shape. LetÂ’s say that the story is about the long-term lovers. This gives a great opportunity to get into the details of the people involved. Long-term lovers know with great intimacy: What does is day-worn shirt smell like? Does he stroke her hair gently, or give it a tug as he leans in to tongue kiss her? How does she caress his scrotum as she takes the head if his dick in her mouth just the way he always loves it? Does he take his time entering her or does he hike her legs up, pull her panties aside, and give it to her abruptly, with great urgency?

Once the basics are written down, the write-what-you-know pieces are there, the story will have a convincing feel and at least have the potential to be hot because of its truth. From there, if the new writer wants to break wild and add imagined details of unseen things and places, they are freer to go for it.

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