Why We Love Erotic Photography

Entire websites and directories have been dedicated to erotic photography. Note the difference between blatant free porn and erotic photography. The difference is really one of opinion but for the sake of argument it should be limited to basic criteria beyond the scope of this blog.

Photos depicting the acts and fantasies of our sexual lives are appealing for a variety of reasons. First, the cleanliness of the photo should suggest more sensible motives that capture the male attention span. A naked woman is one thing but a naked woman wearing lingerie is more intriguing as it makes the mind think and wonder, jogging the creative juices. For the average male, arousal occurs not because the woman is naked but because she plays at the tease. Her eyes, the position of her lips, the tilt of her hips all suggest sex even if she’s saying no. Or not saying yes, immediately. The hint of a skirt that shows just enough flesh is mouth watering because it draws the eye to those more taboo thoughts inside the mind.

For most people, their mind is the largest and most powerful sexual organ. The human mind can conjure up millions of images based on past experiences, which is what makes tease photography so much fun and so arousing. Men will spend a lot of time studying the picture and trying to figure out the emotions, the style in which the woman dresses, how she lives her life, whether she’d bed him or not. Women are the same to a different degree. More emphasis is spent on the cuteness factor of the clothes or whether the woman looks slutty or erotic. The tease for women becomes a fun and flirtatious game designed ultimately to attract a suitable bed mate.

And men like the chase! A multi-million dollar industry has developed from boudoir photography. Wives interested in adding spice to their marriage, husbands eager to receive calendars, photos that can be carried to work and looked at privately remind them of their beautiful spouses. Or partners willing to express their sexuality through the lens an experienced photographer.

Plus it’s an excuse for women to expand their lingerie collection. In the end, the study of erotic photography is one that will carry a legacy in culture for a very long time.

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