Erotic Ropes

There is something both elegant and erotic about a body decorated, tied or suspended by rope. The look of carefully knotted rope biting into or holding bare skin is turn on for many a kinkster or any adult really. Even when the bound body is not tied to something else, the sense of bondage and constraint, though possibly hinting of danger, is so alluring.

Japanese rope work, commonly known as Shibari, is gaining in popularity in Western culture, -on-line and in much of today’s porn. Using colorful ropes or intricate knotwork, rope masters provide hours of erotic pleasure for themselves, their audiences and the people-mostly women-they tie. For people interested in decorative bondage, the ornate patterns and careful placement of knots is aesthetically pleasing as well as arousing and for beginners, simple criss-crossing rope body harnesses are easy to learn, offering a sexy new and easy way to decorate a lover’s body.

The type of rope used can also heighten sexual sensations. Cotton rope is gentle against bare skin, and can be purchased in many different colors. Hemp is another type and can have a bit more friction as it rubs against bare skin. Hemp will also hold knots better than cotton. Then there are all manner of other materials used to make rope; sometimes the smell and feel of these materials are the fetish as much as using the rope to tie someone.

So many parts of the body are erogenous zones beyond just our cocks and cunts and a practice like shibari allows for pressure to be applied to many of these other areas. Knots can be placed on top of a clitoris, rubbing into and against that little piece of muscle as the woman shifts her position, or under a man’s testicle sack… or across anyone’s nipples, the back of the knee or pulled tightly across the small of the back.

Some forms of erotic bondage, known as suspension, both lift he body and keep it tied. Many who try this type of erotic bondage find the experience to be very exciting and sexy, as the person tied floats above the ground, ropes criss-crossing them in a dream state net. Touching and playing with a suspended lover is the stuff of a kink play party attendees’ dream.

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