Slave For Love

It’s hard to imagine, but there are some guys that have a beautiful woman, sometimes more than one, living in his home and voluntarily considering herself to be his sex slave. Her main job is to provide him with sexual pleasure whenever he wants it and however he wants it. She is available to him 24/7, and he is able to take her any way that he likes.

It sounds amazing, but there are women out there that want to live this way. In some cases, the woman doesn’t work and the man provides for her, but there are some instances where the woman also works. When she is home, she follows whatever rules have been set for her by the main she’s in a relationship with.

Some women have to be naked at all times when they’re in the house. Others have to wear a certain outfit or uniform, and sometimes the uniform can vary depending on what’s going on; she may have different outfits required for different scenarios. The man sets the rules for this type of thing, and she complies in order to please him. It does kind of sound like a dream, doesn’t it guys?

What man wouldn’t love a woman who would suck his cock on command as many times a day as he may want? Add to that anal sex, vaginal sex and tit fucking. Usually the women are also into various BDSM and fetish activities, which will add a whole different dimension to the couple’s sex lives. A woman who considers herself a sex slave would be willing to do threesomes with her man and another woman or another man. She would also quite often submit to being the centerpiece for a gang bang. Men are always complaining that their significant other won’t do this or that in bed, but with a woman who wants to be a sex slave, she usually feels that it is her duty and her pleasure to do anything that will please her man.

The man who is lucky enough to find one of these women will have a sex life that most men only dream of. He’ll have responsibilities for taking care of her in addition to all his fun, but most men would agree that it is definitely worthwhile.

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