Clean Sex? Why Bother?

Sex is not supposed to be pretty and neat. People shouldn’t finish with their hair just right and the makeup still perfect. At the end of really good sex, people should be pretty messed up and worn out and look like they just got run over by a stampede or something.

It’s pretty funny watching some porn flicks where the women look just as good at the end as they did in the beginning. Their makeup is still perfect, their hair isn’t messed up and they’ve barely broken a sweat. The men have perfect hair and are just glistening a little with perspiration. Women’s magazines are full of articles about how to look pretty while having sex. They give tips about what sex positions will make a woman’s boobs look best or her stomach look flattest or her legs look longer and thinner. It seems kind of ridiculous, doesn’t it? If a woman has time to be thinking about this stuff during sexual intercourse, somebody isn’t doing something correctly.

This isn’t how real people have sex. A female comedian does a comedy routine where she talks about this exact topic, and she jokes about how ugly she looks when she’s having sex. Her attitude is that if a person cares how she looks while they’re fucking then they shouldn’t fucking in the first place. There is some truth to that. After a rollicking good couple of hours having really dirty, maybe even kinky, sex people should find that their hair is all messed up, knotted and sticking up all over the place, they’re sweaty and covered in each other’s bodily fluids, and women’s makeup should be a mess. A woman who knows that sex is messy and dirty wouldn’t even bother putting on makeup, unless her partner likes to mess it up during sex, which many men do.

Our culture seems to be very preoccupied with everything always being pristine, immaculate and spotlessly clean. Life isn’t like that and sex isn’t like that. Looking pristine isn’t the most important thing in the world. Sometimes people have to just let loose, let their hair down and have a good time without worrying about how they look. Life would be a lot more fun if people would worry more about how they feel.

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