Open Relationships

Open relationships sound like they would be a fantastic idea. A lot of people who have an open relationship  claim that they really work. There are a lot of people that don’t really believe that it’s possible that these types of relationships work, because they can’t imagine how people do that without getting jealous and having problems from the jealousy. For many people though, it really can work and it can be the thing that, along with watching porn together, will hold a romantic relationship together.

There are plenty of relationships where the partners are perfect for each other in every possible way, but they are incompatible sexually. Maybe one has a stronger sex drive than the other, or one is way more kinky than the other. They love each other and feel that they are soul mates, but they are still not completely compatible sexually. For these people, open relationships can be a lifesaver. They still get to have the primary relationship the person that is so compatible in every other way, but they also get to fulfill their needs and sexual desires. Unlike poly relationships, open relationships are not about having multiple love relationships. In open relationships, both partners are able to have sex with other people, but the expectation is that these sexual relationships will not be steady, long term, romantic relationships.

One of the things that help these types of relationships to work is very strong and open communication between the partners. A lot of trust has to be built between the partners, and a strong desire by each partner that the other be truly fulfilled and happy in every way is essential. It also helps if both partners can separate sex and love and see them as separate entities. If a person feels that sex and love are completely entwined with each other, an open relationship would probably not work for that person.

Open relationships may work great for some couples, but obviously for others it would present a problem. As with nearly any aspect of romantic relationships, finding the right partner with the same mindset is crucial to the success of the relationship. It helps if people examine themselves and figure out what they truly want before they get into a relationship, so they can find someone who is truly looking for the same things.

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