Anal Happiness

Anal Sex is viewed as being very erotic and enticing, in large part because it also is viewed as very taboo and dirty. Women are usually raised in such a way that they feel it is an activity that they should not be involved in, still exhibiting the attitude that nice girls don’t do certain things and that’s definitely one of them. Anal sex is considered extremely perverted by a lot of people. However, a lot of men are interested in having anal sex with women because of its prevalence in today’s free porn.

A lot of guys have trouble introducing anal sex into their romantic relationship. Many women get upset at the idea for a lot of different reasons, but the “nice girls don’t” attitude seems to be the main reason most of the time. A lot of women are afraid that it’s going to hurt, because they’ve heard that other women experience a lot of pain and discomfort when they tried it. Women also get pretty squeamish at the idea that there could be some residual mess as a result of anything that may go on in that area.

They can’t see it as a normal biological human function – some women don’t even like to acknowledge that they ever have a bowel movement. The men who are asking for anal sex are fully aware of the fact that there could be some mess involved, and they’re comfortable with it. Women need to learn to trust that.

There are a lot of nerve endings in that anal area, and it does seem to be wired to respond along with our natural sexual responses. There are women who can even have orgasms from anal sex. The women that love anal sex really love anal sex. It can get a woman so turned on that she may like it even more than vaginal sex. A smart man will try to make sure she has some clit stimulation in addition to the anal play, because a lot of women will have earth shattering orgasms from the combination of the two and sometimes the anal play will make the vaginal and clitoral orgasms seem even more powerful.

Guys that want to introduce anal sex into their bedroom activities need to be patient and understanding and take things slowly. Don’t push if she balks at it when it’s first brought up. A lot of patience and moving slowly will probably pay off in the future.

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