The Look Of Love, The Smell Of Sex

How often what is repellant to our eye feels wonderful to touch (think: free porn). A wide woman’s hips might seem slightly flanky and beg questions of that lady’s diet, but touch her downy side, feel how her wide hip rolls easy to her round ass and one will realize they are pretty much aroused by the curve, dip and rise. Stare at a hard bouncing cock, recognize the pumping veins and ridges, the entire potential weapon of the thing, but have it inside one’s wet mouth or even wetter vagina and that cock is all one can think about.

When it comes to sex there are trade-offs every step of the way to what might bring us up short and at the same time keep us coming back for more. To what might repel us in any other normal circumstance but is so very erotic in our moments of ecstasy. To that which, on paper, might even make us wretch but when it comes to pass we can’t get enough of the action, the patter or the costume.

Our body fluids alone are off-putting…even our own. The squishiness of a wet pussy; the smell, stickiness and gloppiness that is male ejaculate; saliva and spit, the sweat that pours from us when we are fucking hard. All of it, on any other occasion would have us running for the shower, toweling off, but when we are engaged in something sexual we welcome all that fluid, we in fact judge our progress arousing our loved one by how wet their cunt is or if there is seminal fluid at the head of our man’s dick.

Then there are the smells. A cornucopia of deep musks, different from person to person, emanating from every orifice, sometimes stronger the more aroused and responsive that orifice gets! Morning breath, flatulence during a real spirited fucking, pungent underarm sweat, all of it would never be tolerated or admitted to were we not doing something nasty.

There are sounds to: pussy-farts, the slapping of balls into an ass, burps and suckles and lapping and even deep-throating. All of it off-putting and embarrassing if not for what we are doing to make them. Indulge in something slightly kinky and increase all these smells, sounds and fluids tenfold…still indulge we do, in all of it, because the smells, sounds and wetness reiterated one thing loud and clear.

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