Get Steamy In the Shower

Thinking about sex usually brings to mind words like warm, steamy, slippery and wet… and so do showers. Combining the two into a sexy shower makes things all squeaky clean and porn worthy hot for the couple involved. Getting it on and getting clean at the same time is a great combination. Whether a shower is what starts the day, or ends it, start showering with a lover. It saves water, and can enhance a relationship better than any foreplay.

Keep the bathroom prepped for a hot sex scene. Clean, gleaming surfaces and soft fluffy towels are a must. And because the bathroom is all about getting clean, smells do matter. There are some great massage oils and bath salts designed for steamy encounters. Look at the available products for scents and sensations. Not all bath products have floral scents. There is a huge market in men’s bath products these days, and it is easier than ever to find bath scrubs and soaps with pungent, manly scents. Find a scent that will keep a hot boyfriend on her mind, long after the shower is over.

One of the most intimate sensual experiences women will describe is having her hair washed. The play of water, strong fingers massaging her scalp, and the feeling of intense, personal attention is highly erotic. A girlfriend who will shampoo his hair will get great results. Massage fingers through soapy hair while pressed against each other.

With the hot water pouring down naked bodies, it can be a great time to have sex. Let the shower get nice and steamy. Take turns soaping each other up. Get to know each others’ bodies all over again, using the soap as a guide to curves and intimate areas. Go ahead and get down to rub soap between toes, and up the inside of thighs. Bury a mouth against her pussy, or swallow his cock while the man is standing under pounding water.

Still intimate, but unlike the bedroom, the shower can offer a creative place for sex. Braced against a wall, wet and slippery bodies can move in ways that free them from the horizontal. The warmth of the water ensures that the scene stays steamy. The soap and water streaming off her shining clean body is a hot image that can stay in the mind for the rest of the day.

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