The Classic Erotic Victorian Take

Comely maids brought into service, intrigue and elegant conversation; men of means with sinister kinky intentions; old houses with as many bedroom as varied activities happening within, our classic erotic Victorian stories are wild in their lustful themes and porn scenes. The stories often skirt, if not blatantly include, elements of punishment and discipline, costumes and hot kinky sex, using the confines of courtly manners and elegant surroundings as a seemingly polite background for more prurient pursuits.

Couples who wish to role-play with these concepts pick a highly sexualized arena to play in. The accouterments, the history, the erotically charged atmosphere of a house replete with so many characters with such a wide variety of jobs and intent is just rife with possibility.

Clothing plays a big role in the Victorian fantasy. Tightening a corset or a bow tie can add an erotic charge to dressing up for dinner…and then later, gloves and stockings with garters to be seductively stripped off. Turning off the lights and using candles is not only romantic but suitable for a Victorian bedroom. Finding soft, seductive fabrics to put across the bed add another texture that changes the mood, and keeps the Victorian theme.

The fantasy of the upstairs downstairs household is also very erotic and lends itself to kinky play to. Ladies in tight corsets or maid’s outfits; men in white gloves and butler uniforms, a kinky imagination can expand these sexy well-known roles into an evening of romantic play that includes elements of punishment and discipline given a person’s station of imagined chores they might be required to perform.

Couples who want to roll this fantasy into a kinky scene find the Victorian setting a great place to try it. Finding the right tool for the role helps keep the scene in play, the envelope of the fantasy in place as action continues in what is, for the couple, the 1880’s! The classic, almost cliché punishing of a lady’s maid with brush or even carpet beater, the errant stable boy lashed in the hay loft, or made to service his lady-or man-as he begs not to be taken, all these scenarios build on and use the Victorian house, caste system, touchstones of a history we are at least somewhat familiar with to bring our role-play alive.

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