Find Your Own Style

A lot of ladies who are just getting started in the fetish world tend to think that they have to wear certain things, like leather corsets, in order to fit in, but nothing could be further from the truth. The above is just a stereotype created in free porn.  Women have a lot of variety when it comes to fetish wear. Most women may not realize it, but they could probably make up at least one or two fetish outfits with the stuff that’s already hanging in their closet. Fetish wear doesn’t have to be a leather corset and certain boots. It’s all about individuality and finding one’s own individual style. It doesn’t have to even be expensive, as there are probably components for fetish outfits in nearly every store that carries lady’s clothing, lingerie and accessories.

If a lady has any goth looks in her closet, she already has some pieces that would be perfect components for sexy dungeon wear. Business suits with skirts can be perfect for a dominant woman. Wear the suit with stockings and heels and a lacy bra under the jacket, and it’s the perfect outfit. A super short skirt or shorts with a belted suit jacket and hot shoes or thigh-high boots is also a fantastic look that will have people begging for her attention. Vintage lingerie and girdles are always a great choice for the dungeon. They’re hot and classy, an elegant look that few men or women would be able to resist. Lace trimmed slips like the one worn by Elizabeth Taylor in “Cat On A Hot Tin Roof” are hot in any setting, and definitely work in a dungeon. Garter belts and waist cinchers with six or eight garter straps are amazingly sexy, and frame a woman’s pussy and ass in a most alluring way. If a woman enjoys wearing leather, a leather corset is really attractive. She could also get a leather thong, bra and micro-mini for a really hot look.

The main and most important component in dungeon wear is confidence. Everyone should wear outfits that make them feel really sexy and confident, something they feel really good about, because that confidence and sexiness will radiate from them. It’s always obvious when people aren’t comfortable in the outfit that they’re wearing because they don’t look confident and at ease.

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