Friends with Benefits

The world is full of sexually transmitted diseases and some of them are pretty scary. But a vast majority of men will tell you that condoms are just not fun to use, decrease sensitivity and throw-off their game to have to stop to wrap their cocks in the middle of doing it. But trying to hook-up and get fucked like you’re in free porn may be dangerous to a person’s health.

It isn’t like every man or woman at the local bar or night club is carrying around their latest blood work results. There isn’t any bar code tattooed to their forehead giving out information on their cleanliness. So it may be easier to rethink some obvious choices.

Fucking your ex or your best friend has become more popular with everyone these days. Shagging your best friend is portrayed on T.V. and in movies on regular a basis with the idea that the sex partner you know might very well be the best sex partner one can ever have….as far as safety is concerned.

So how does one decide if they are cut out for a friends with benefits relationship?

Can we be non-judgmental where our libido is concerned? Are we even into casual sex? Will we be jealous if an ex or best friend decides after a few fucks that they want to go into the dating world and see if they can find a legitimate life partner?

If partners think they can handle sex like this then it may be time to explore chemistry between the friends beyond their usual intimacies. Do the friends find one another attractive? Would each or either really like to see one another naked? After knowing what each other know about each other’s dating history can they see past all of itand still want to have sex?

If friends can answer yes most of the quandries and no a lot less, then maybe they are ready to have sex…but the most important question should be: can two friends sit down and actually talk about the parameters of the new phase of their relationship? This whole friends with benefits concept is really just a way for friends to have casual sex to either fill a void, avoid sexually transmitted diseases, or keep oneself single.

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